Jay Robb’s 3-Step Shape-Up Plan: Day 2


You are what you eat, (at least in the physical sense), which is why it is critical that you eat natural foods. Exercise is not the best way to lose weight. Exercise is, however, important for toning your muscles and for getting your body physically fit. Your DIET (not exercise) is your best means for losing weight and keeping it off. Never indulge in the erroneous thought that exercise is your weight-loss elixir. It is not. What you eat is what you get. Every bite of food you take and everything you drink creates the physical you. I will show you the foods to eat that will make you look like a million dollars (before taxes), and I will also show you foods that will make you look fluffy, puffy, and stuffy.

Part One:  Get Cleansed

It is a toxic world, and most of the toxins that you come into contact with are manmade. There are thousands of chemicals in your food, in the products you use daily, in the air you breathe, and in some of the beverages you may be drinking. You can do your best to avoid many of these chemicals, but you can’t avoid them all. These chemicals can easily get into your body via your mouth, nose, skin, and lungs. Your body is in a constant battle to neutralize these toxins once they enter your body. If too many enter your body at once, or if the toxins are too concentrated or deadly, you may get sick—or worse—you could die.
Your body can become toxic if you are eating foods that are not completely digested and absorbed into the body. You can also become toxic internally if you are constipated. Believe it or not, I estimate that 99% of Americans are constipated, even though they have at least one bowel movement per day. One is not enough! You should have one to three healthy bowel movements each day. A very common form of toxicity is “fried-fat overload,” which is very common in America due to the fried foods we consume as a nation.
No matter what reason your body is overloaded with toxins, performing a short cleanse is a quick fix that can make you feel like a new person—while dropping 5 to 10 pounds in as little as 3 days. Fruits and vegetables are the best foods to consume to assist your body in the cleansing process. Most fresh fruits and vegetables are low in fat and contain unique nutrients and properties that do not interfere with your body’s ability to detoxify itself.

A simple 3-day cleanse is my FRUIT FLUSH™ 3-Day Detox (you can find this at Baum’s Natural Foods). If you are looking for a time-tested and proven cleanse, you may wish to give it a try.

Part Two:  Get Nourished

Physically, you are what you eat and drink. What you eat, and how much of it, determines what you will look like. That’s a simple fact that you must never forget. Every time you shovel garbage into your mouth, stop and think for a moment how you will look and feel the next day—or the next hour or two. The word that comes to mind is “awful.” When you eat junk, you will eventually look and feel awful. Some people can get away with eating junk longer than others, but in time, we ALL must pay the price. For some it will make them fat. For others, it will make them sick. Others may actually die prematurely from eating the wrong foods because they develop cancer, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, or they suffer a stroke.
There are no guarantees in life except that once you are born, eventually you must physically die. Those are the two facts of life. But in between birth and death you have a lot of living to do and the healthier and happier you are, the more you will enjoy your life. Money can’t buy you good health or a fit body. Eating properly is critical for getting in the best shape of your life. Good food equals good health. Good health equals a good life.
Many of you may be wishing to lose unwanted body fat, and that can only happen if you are willing to eat properly. When you indulge in natural foods, overfilled fat cells shrink like a cheap cotton t-shirt in a hot dryer. Eating properly also keeps you from getting sick. Eating properly helps keep your body firm and fit. Exercising alone is not enough to keep your body fat low. In fact, exercise does very little to help you lose unwanted pounds. Your diet is the way.
An easy way to improve your diet is to consume a Jay Robb Whey Protein Shake for breakfast each day (or as one of your main meals), followed by a balanced lunch and dinner. Lunch and dinner should both be healthy meals containing protein, vegetables, and a healthy fat. Always try to consume organically grown foods.
Below is a carb-controlled protein shake recipe and a list of healthy foods to choose from. For an in depth and comprehensive eating plan, please see my books, The Jay Robb Diet for Men and The Jay Robb Diet for Women.


Jay Robb Banana Protein Shake Recipe
•  12 ounces water
•  1 scoop Jay Robb Whey Protein Vanilla (or flavor of choice)

•  ½ banana
•  1 heaping tablespoon Jay Robb Organic Psyllium Seed Husks
•  20 almonds, raw unsalted or 2 tablespoons raw almond butter
•  5-10 ice cubes

Place all ingredients in blender and mix for 30 seconds until creamy smooth

Foods and Ingredients to Limit or Avoid:

• Fruit juices
•  Cakes
•  Candy
•  Candy bars
•  Coffee
•  Cookies
•  Corn syrup
•  Deep-fried foods
•  Desserts
•  Dried cane juice
•  Evaporated cane juice
•  Farmed fish
•  Foods and beverages containing caffeine
•  Fried foods
•  High-fructose corn syrup
•  Hydrogenated oils
•  Ice cream
•  Margarine
•  Pies
•  Processed cheeses
•  Processed meats
•  Refined oils (corn oil and soybean oil especially)
•  Sucrose
•  Sugar
•  Sugared or diet soft drinks
•  Tea (except herbal teas)

I know this is an extensive list, but the sad truth is that I could make it even longer because the amount of junk food that exists in our world is staggering. It is hard to find real foods anymore and, to me, that is sad. Plus, because junk food is everywhere and is socially acceptable, it makes it very difficult to avoid the junk-food landmines that are out there waiting for you to step on.
Healthy Carbohydrates You May Consume In Limited Quantity (freely consume non-starchy vegetables):

•  Beans (also considered to be a protein food)
•  Fresh fruit
•  Non-starchy vegetables (unlimited)
•  Starchy vegetables
•  Whole Grains that are gluten free
Healthy Fats You May Consume
•  Avocado
•  Butter, raw
•  Cheese, raw (is also considered to be a protein food)
•  Coconut oil
•  Flaxseed oil
•  Olive oil
•  Raw nuts
•  Raw seeds
Healthy Proteins You May Consume, but in Limited Quantities:
•  Jay Robb Whey Protein (1-3 scoops daily depending on your needs)
•  Beans
•  Cheese
•  Egg whites
•  Full-fat cottage cheese
•  Whole eggs
•  Beef
•  Chicken
•  Duck
•  Fish
•  Turkey
•  Venison
When selecting foods for your diet, be aware that fat is your primary source of fuel. Also, consume at least 50% of you calories RAW.

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To buy Jay Robb Protein visit Baum’s Online or stop in one of our 3 locations! The 12oz. size is on sale all this month!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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