Jay Robb’s 3-Step Shape-Up Plan: Day 3


Exercise is the third step in the process of YOU looking and feeling your absolute best—inside and out. Your diet is your fat melter and exercise is your body shaper. Exercise allows a woman to create a firm sexy body that has the curves and contour of a movie star or glamour model. For guys, exercise can build big arms, tight abs, a wide back, and powerful thighs. Exercise keeps men and women young, healthy, and sexually attractive. Exercise is critical to your wellbeing but you must exercise properly or you will waste your time, injure yourself, or create an out-of-balance body.

Exercise does not need to be viewed as torture or punishment. While exercise requires effort, it should be enjoyable and not exhausting. For this reason, I suggest doing a 30-minute workout everyday, or every other day.

Why Am I Qualified to Teach You?

I have owned and operated two successful fitness clubs, competed as a drug-free natural bodybuilder, promoted several of America’s first drug-free bodybuilding contests, was a personal trainer for over 10 years, was a feature columnist for Natural Bodybuilding Magazine for over 20 years, and assisted the National Gym Association in creating and producing their personal training certification program. And that’s not to mention the fact that I created the world’s first protein powder made with rBGH-free whey protein. I am also the world’s first protein-powder formulator who used stevia instead of artificial sweeteners so that health-and-fitness-conscious men and women had an alternative to the traditional junk that was—and still is—on the market. In short, I am not a new kid on the block and it delights me to be able to share my 30-plus years of health and fitness wisdom with you.

I am not a huge fan of performing cardio work to lower one’s body fat. Cardiovascular training is great if you wish to be physically fit in general or for a specific sport, but for losing weight it can be useless of even counterproductive. A fast-paced workout with weights that elevates the heart rate for at least 15 minutes is also a powerful way to train your heart and lungs.

Do You Need a Personal Trainer?
Good personal trainers are hard to find. Oh, there are loads of personal trainers out there, but selecting one that is qualified and can help you will require some effort on your part. First note that you are not hiring a trainer to help you lose weight in the gym. Your trainer’s job is to tone, shape, and condition your body if you are a woman and build bigger muscles and overall power if you are a man. That’s it. Just because you work with a trainer it doesn’t mean you will magically melt away all your unwanted fat. That is a pipedream. Your diet is your fat melter. Period. Never forget that fact.

You need a personal trainer if you:

•  Want someone to keep you motivated
•  Need instructions on how to perform exercises properly
•  Desire to break through a plateau in your training
•  Would like another perspective on you training routine
•  Need someone to make you accountable

If you have limited financial resources you can still utilize a personal trainer but just limit your sessions to once a week perhaps. Or, hire a trainer for six sessions until you have learned all the basics, then launch out on your own. Or, hire a trainer for three sessions every three months to help keep you motivated.

How to Hire a Good Trainer

Look for a trainer who walks their talk and their body reflects it. Don’t hire wimpy or out of shape trainer. Trainers should be fit AND lean. Credentials can be deceiving. A trainer may be a good learner but may not be a good teacher. If you are about to make a sizable investment in a trainer, request a free session to see if you mesh well with the trainer. Some trainers are motivating and others are a huge turn off. Ask your trainer for a list of successful clients that he or she has trained and talk with these clients. Meet them and get their feedback. If you are hiring an inexperienced trainer (a trainer who has a cert but has less than one year’s experience) I suggest you request their sessions be discounted because he or she will be learning their trade by training you.

Below are various exercise routines for various people and applications. Keep in mind, exercising is NOT for weight loss. Exercise is for getting fit. You must enjoy working out or you will never stick with it, so FIND a way to love it. Do workouts that actually FEEL GOOD to you. I know that may sound impossible, but it is not. In my opinion, most people train far too hard and far too long each day (unless they are serious athletes or professional athletes training for a specific sport or event). Average folks, like you and me, only require about 30 minutes of daily exercise to stay fit for life.


THE SHAPER (home workout requiring no equipment)

Perform one set of 35 repetitions of each exercise every other day. Rest one minute between exercises.

•  Lunges
•  Squats
•  Calf raises (one leg at a time on a step holding onto the railing)
•  Rear leg kicks (performed on the floor on all fours)
•  Push ups (shoulder width hand spacing)
•  Push ups (narrow width hand spacing)
•  Arm curls (using a gallon bottle of water for the weight)
•  One-arm rows (bent over, hand on a chair, using gallon bottle of water)
•  Crunches
•  Knee ups (on the floor)

THE SUPER SHAPER (workout for a fully equipped gym)

Perform one set of 35 repetitions for each exercise every other day. Rest one minute between exercises.

•  Leg press
•  Leg curl
•  Calf raises
•  Chest press
•  Lat pulldown
•  Machine rows (medium-wide grip)
•  Dumbbell press (seated)
•  Triceps pushdown
•  Dumbbell curls (seated)
•  Crunches



Perform this routine every other day and do 1 set of 25 reps for each exercise (unless otherwise stated) Rest one minute between exercises

•  Machine bench press
•  Lat pulldown
•  Machine rows
•  Machine shoulder press
•  Machine curls
•  Machine triceps press
•  Machine leg press
•  Machine calf raises
•  Crunches (perform one set to failure)
•  Stretch and cool down


Perform 3 sets of 12 reps for each exercise (unless otherwise stated). Rest one minute between sets.

DAY ONE: (chest, back, and shoulders)
•  Dumbbell inclined bench press
•  Dumbbell flat flies
•  Lat pulldown, wide grip
•  One-arm dumbbell rows
•  Seated dumbbell shoulder press
•  Crunches (2 sets x 50 reps)
•  Stretch and cool down

DAY TWO: (arms and legs)
•  Leg press
•  Leg curls
•  Leg extensions
•  Seated dumbbell curls
•  Preacher bench curls
•  Triceps pushdown (v-bar)
•  French press (e-z curl bar)

•  Rest then repeat the cycle

(Everyday, perform one set of abdominal crunches to failure)

DAY ONE (chest)
•  Inclined bench press
•  Cable flies
•  Dips

DAY TWO (back)
•  Lat pulldown (wide or close grip)
•  Machine rows
•  Hyperextensions on machine
•  Shoulder shrugs

DAY THREE (shoulders)
•  Dumbbell press (seated)
•  Lateral dumbbell raise
•  Front dumbbell raise

DAY FOUR (arms)
•  Triceps pushdown (V-bar)
•  Close grip flat bench press
•  French press (E-Z curl bar)
•  Dumbbell curls (seated)
•  Barbell curls (standing)
•  Hammer dumbbell curls (thumbs up)
•  Wrist curls (barbell off end of bench

DAY FIVE (legs)
•  Leg press
•  Leg extensions
•  Leg curls
•  Calf raises (on calf machine)

Repeat the cycle

You now have the perfect plan for making a complete transformation of your body—inside and out. Do not fret if you fall off the wagon from time to time. Just get back on track and continue moving forward toward your vision. The key to success is to never lose sight of your vision. Your vision directs every cell of your body to make that vision a reality. And always remember, life is a journey, not a destination.

May your VISION be with you,

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