Can You Believe it’s Back to School Time Already?

Keeping your children healthy for the new school year is a must, but which supplements do your kids really need to support good health and concentration? The basics are always a great place to start and a high quality multivitamin/mineral is first on the list!

Even if you have a “good eater” at home, they still need the support of a great quality multivitamin/mineral supplement.  And you can’t go wrong with Nordic Naturals, Nordic Berries. They are little gems that are packed with all-natural nutrition and they taste great too!  You won’t have any trouble getting the kids (or teens or adults)  to take these vitamins!

Don’t forget the Omega 3 fatty acids from fish oil! DHA, a compound found in fish oil, has been clinically proven to help with learning and memory. It’s a great brain food that will help keep your child focused and ready to soak in information.

If you’re child simply won’t take fish oil because it tastes bad, you haven’t tried Barlean’s Omega Swirl Fish oil!  It’s so yummy they’ll think it’s dessert!  It comes in Lemon, Key Lime, Mango, and Pina Colada. Just give them a spoon full and they’re done! (the Key Lime is fabulous!).  Barleans also has a product called DHA bubbles.  They’re little round softgels with orange flavored DHA fish oil inside that the kids can bite and squirt in their mouth!  They’ll love it! Stop by one of our 3 locations and ask for a sample today!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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